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i-box Twist

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Product Code: 79085R


Picture a device you can truly regard as being portable; small enough to fit in your bag or glove box. So unobtrusive in its dimensions that it can comfortably balance on the palm of your hand. How can a compact black & orange box pack quite so much punch?

The TWIST sounds superb but it is by no means a victim of its own sonic success. The helical contours which define the device's shape make you aware that this device is something quite special right from the onset. Its’ inviting, premium touch - kind finish not only looks the part but also delivers the device an effortless air of quality when held in the hand, never before seen at this price point. Each button has a definite quality apparent from the first touch, whether you’re resuming your track or answering a call, you can really sense the quality; cascading from every design contour and oozing from each pore in the speaker grill.

Treat all your sounds to the TWIST experience. Whether you opt to play sounds from your laptop or smartphone, tablet or desktop as long as the device supports Bluetooth you can enhance your sound with the TWIST Bluetooth wireless speaker. A realistic playtime of up to 5 hours using the on-board lithium rechargeable battery makes portable hi-fi a reality once only confined to the realms of fantasy.

PRICE £69.99