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Trax Bluetooth Speaker 6W

Portable Bluetooth Speaker with NFC

Product Code: 79200R



"I don't want our speakers to look like the rest and I don't think you do either. Naturally the Trax speaker comes with NFC, hands free function and a rechargeable battery with 10hr playing time, but I don't think anyone else can pull off the sleek touch sensitive controls on a brushed panel and create a striking design like we have. Oh, it sounds awesome too!"


Karl Thomas, Founder/Director



Don't make compromises with docks or cables. The Trax will connect to any Bluetooth enabled smart phone, tablet or music device – completely wirelessly. With a built-in rechargeable battery you can forget being pinned to a wall socket – the Trax will go wherever you go.

Unique lines and a premium finish comes as standard. This is one speaker you won't want to hide.

Whilst design always takes a front seat here at i-box, we have made sure that the Trax is packed full of advanced convenience features such as a touch sensitive control panel, remote music control and NFC contact-free pairing.

All of this plus an impressive 10 hours play time means the music doesn't stop until you do!

The Trax is most definitely not just ‘another’ Bluetooth speaker but something that's that extra bit special.

PRICE £69.99