Key Features

Hands Free Voice Control
Connect via Wi-Fi
Smart Home Control
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Music Streaming & Internet Radio

Frequently Asked Questions

1How do I set up the Wi-Fi Booster feature?
On the Device List screen click the settings cog. Then tap Speaker Info and switch on Personal Hostpot. You will then be prompted to set a password that people connecting to the hotspot will have to enter (for a more secure connection). Once you have done this you will be able to connect to Ellipsis like any normal Wi-Fi network. It will act as a booster taking your home Wi-Fi signal and extending the signal from Ellipsis for your smartphone/ tablet/ laptop to connect to.
2Does Ellipsis have Bluetooth?
No, the Ellipsis is a Wi-Fi speaker allowing you to stream Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and Internet radio wirelessly.
3Does Ellipsis work with Spotify?
At present the Ellipsis works as a Spotify Connect speaker, you can use the app to control music . Voice control of Spotify is coming in the next few weeks and will be an over-the-air update so all existing devices will receive the update automatically.
4How simple is the setup process?
The setup process only takes a few minutes via the i-box app. You can see for yourself in this video...
5Can I set up a multi-room audio system?
Yes, setting up multiroom is very easy via the i-box app. Simply drag and drop speakers into groups to synchronise playback. You can pair up to 8 speakers together (also works with the i-box Century). You can also assign left and right channels to different speakers for a full stereo effect.
6What is your shipping policy?
Shipping is free to anywhere in the UK, all orders are processed within 1-2 business days.