Attention all parents! Put your hand up if you want to get some sleep?

Attention all parents! Put your hand up if you want to get some sleep?

Blinky by the audio brand i-box is the perfect product for parents who want some much-needed sleep back! It will also help your kid get into a clean sleep routine that will hopefully improve their behaviour and your mood.

Blinky is an all-in-one kids alarm clock and sleep trainer specifically designed for kids and parents. As parents or carers, we all love our children, but dread the bedtime routine! How many times do they suddenly need a drink, need a wee or ask for that extra bedtime story?

The Blinky has a wealth of features to make those tough bedtimes a breeze

  • An alarm clock that can be set up and locked, so your kid isn’t able to change it
  • Five sleep sounds that include white noise and lullabies
  • Nap timer so you can set up a timed countdown for those afternoon rests, timeout, or other activities
  • Five nightlight colour options to create a soft glow and comforting atmosphere
  • Six adjustable volume settings, helps you to select the right level of sound for your kid to fall asleep to and wake up to

And the features don’t stop there, we’ve thought of everything. The soft white nightlight setting creates a soft, ambient mood, the red light lets your kid know that it is not time to get up yet, the green light gives them the go ahead to get up and ready for a day full of fun.

What makes Blinky different from other kids alarm clocks, is its lullaby collection, choose from ‘I’m a Little Teapot’ to ‘Go to Sleep’ whatever you select will help your kid drift off to sleep quickly, giving you the rest of the evening to wind down and relax after a busy day.

But why would my kid like it? The main answer to this question is Blinky’s fun and engaging design. It has a bright and clear LED screen that shows Blinky’s friendly face, a warm smile, and a cheeky wink every now and then that will delight your kid and encourage them to interact with Blinky, it can even teach your kid to tell the time.

Designed with both parents and kids in mind, the Blinky’s soft rubber finish and choice of blue or pink colours will look at home in your kid’s bedroom. You will also have complete peace of mind as Blinky meets all the strict guidelines provided by the European Toy Safety Standards.

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