7 Spooktacular Alexa Tricks & Treats for Halloween

7 Spooktacular Alexa Tricks & Treats for Halloween

As Halloween approaches here are some great ideas to take your spooktacular Halloween celebrations to a new level with Alexa.

Smart home technology has helped to bring a new lease of life to our Halloween celebrations and here are some great ways you too can enhance your experience.


Ever the joker, Alexa has a selection of pre-installed thematic jokes. Simply by saying “Alexa, tell me a Halloween joke.” Alexa will tell you a random joke. While not always the most hilarious, they are sure to amuse the kids.


Looking for a spooky game to play? There are a whole (g)host of options available to you in the form of Alexa skills.

Here are some games we recommend you check out via Alexa skills…

Halloween Music

One of Alexa’s most widely used features this Halloween will be to play spooky music! It is easy to create playlists on Amazon Music and Spotify and ask Alexa to play it, theres even a Halloween Music skill.

Spooky Sounds

Haunting music not enough? Well fear not guys and ghouls… you can also use Alexa to play spooky sounds! Create the perfect Halloween atmosphere with Spooky Sounds for Halloween or Spooky Halloween Sounds.

Scary Stories

Thanks to the Boo Bot skill, Alexa can read scary stories to you. Enable the skill, then say, “Alexa, ask Boo Bot for a scary story.” Alexa will then begin reading a story from the /r/shortscarystories subreddit. Since these stories are user-submitted, there is no filter and may not be safe for children, adults or even ghosts.

Create a Spooky Scene

If you have smart bulbs and other smart devices around the house, you can use a SmartThings hub or a service like Yonomi to create scenes that transform your house from normal to Halloween-ready in seconds.

Costume Ideas

If you still haven’t come up with a solid costume idea, Alexa can help. The Halloween Costume Ideas skill will serve up ideas until you find the right one.

To really make the most of Alexa this Halloween buy an Alexa enabled Ellipsis!

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